In Memory of

This documentation is of one performance of the piece, In Memory of. The performances all happen in three stages.

1. open- at this stage the small quickly made boxes are open. viewers are encouraged to write freely or to a prompt and place it in the box. Those who wish their writing remain confidential are encouraged to pour ink over what they had written, once placed in the box. 

Distillery Gallery, Boston, April 2017

2. closing- for this portion of the performance I gather participants and offer them a moment to reflect on what they had written into the box.  After everyone who wishes to speak has had the opportunity, I will nail the box shut.

3. burial- at this point in most performances the box is carried to a designated location, placed in the ground, and covered with dirt.  In the performance shown in this documentation, an American flag printed cloth was placed over the box and it was left on display in lew of a proper burial.